Kaedenn's Kongregate UserScript

You're running Internet Explorer? You seriously need to upgrade to a real browser, like Firefox or Google Chrome. This script will not run in Internet Explorer, and I have absolutely no desire to port it over. Sorry.

So, I have bad news: my script does not work in Opera. Therefore, you should download either Firefox or Google Chrome.

It looks like you're running Safari. Unfortunately, my script doesn't run in Safari. Therefore, you should download either Firefox or Google Chrome.

You're running some browser I don't really care about (sorry, those mobile-phone browsers really aren't browsers). Therefore, my script won't work. If you want to get to porting, download my script with Google Chrome and get to work! If you extend support to other browsers, let me know so I may see if it's worth while to support it.

It looks like you're running Firefox. You must have GreaseMonkey installed to use this script!

Download Script for Firefox

Also, my script does work in Google Chrome! Visit this page using Google Chrome to download it!

So, it looks like you're running Google Chrome. Lucky you! Click the link below to download it. The script will work natively, so you don't need to install any plugins!

Download Script (Google Chrome)

There is no official support for Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari, so this script may or may not work in those browsers. If you can get this script to work in those browsers, please let me know how you did it so I may extend support.

The most recent version of this script is . Type /version into Kongregate to see if you should update.
You downloaded the script, and it's working! That's right! You can customize certain aspects of the script by typing /config inside any Kongregate chat room. If you have questions, comments or any other feedback, feel free to contact Kaedenn. Enjoy! Two very important commands: /help and /config You should type /help and /config into Kongregate chat for a list of all commands and configuration options.
Preview of Kongregate's chat, using my script Preview of my script's /config command